Monday, September 27, 2010

National Website

Thank You to all who commented on the new National website - Some changes were made and some additions were made. The Hotel is now accepting reservations. Please make your reservations through the website the Hotel set up for HCA. You can access that website through either our website - - or directly through the Hotel's website -

(Think the word "website" was used enough?)

Later ......

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Reason

Why do we go to National? To showcase our dogs. To interact (or, to use a common buzzword, network) with others in the Havanese world. To see friends we've known for a long time, and to make new ones. To put faces to the words that float through cyberspace throughout the year. Some go with a passion to learn. Some go with a passion to win. The list continues, but whatever your reason .... see you there!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Blog

Good Morning,

This is the first Blog for the 2011 Havanese Club of America National Specialty to be held in Durham, North Carolina, July 20-23, 2011. With this Blog we hope to keep everyone up to date on what is happening to prepare for one Fantastic National!

This past Thursday, September 2nd., Tom Wogan and Karon Fowler met with some of the staff at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel, the site of the 2011 National. We took a tour of the facility, and it's awesome. Lots of space for our events. Easy to get to. Lots of FREE parking. We are really psyched.

On Friday Carol Croop and her husband Roy joined me on a tour, as representatives of the Central Carolinas Havanese Club. The CCHC will be handling Hospitality for the National, and they have some great ideas to make your stay in Durham memorable. The CCHC will also be assisting the HCA Membership Committee at the HCA Meet and Greet on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings of National Week.

Jenny French stopped by to check out the room for the HRI Reception to be held Thursday, July 21, 2011. I'm sure she'll agree, there will be plenty of room for all the donations, and the people attending. The HRI Reception has become one of the premier events of the National, with Thanks in great part to Charlene Edwards.

Finally, Sandy Fisher came by to see if the hotel's facilities could handle Agility. It was decided that for the safety of the entrants (both four legged and two legged) another facility - close by - would be found. We'll keep you posted as plans for the Agility Trials progress.

And, that's about it for now. Let us know if you find the blog helpful.