Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Havanese Club of Southern California Challenge Trophy

A Special Thank You to The Havanese Club of Southern California who will be offering
The Havanese Club of Southern California Challenge Trophy,

an Original Work of Art by Glass Artist (Value not less than $300.00. This Trophy is offered for competition at the Havanese Club of America National Specialty Shows only, with this trophy being held by the Havanese Club of Southern California. For permanent possession, the trophy must be won three times by the same owner, not necessarily with the same dog, nor at consecutive shows. A smaller trophy will be awarded to each owner for permanent possession.

Speaker Change

We've had a Speaker change for Wednesdays seminar offered by the Canine Health Foundation. The new Speaker will be Christine Haakenson. To view her biography you can go to http://www.akcchf.org/about-us/chf-profiles/Dr_-Christine-Haakenson.html.

If you haven't registered yet for the National Specialty events, dinners, etc., what are you waiting for?

AKC Joins Our National

American Kennel Club Joins HCA at National

As you are aware, the Headquarters of the American Kennel Club (AKC) are just a few miles from the hotel where the 2011 Havanese Club of America National Specialty is being held. Thanks to the efforts of Jane Ruthford, the AKC will making this year’s National even more special.

John Lyons, AKC Chief Operating Officer, will be speaking at our Annual Meeting on Friday, July 22nd. The meeting is held one hour after completion of the day’s judging.

Mari-Beth O’Neill, AKC Staff member, will be speaking to our Juniors. This event is still being coordinated with the Chair of our Juniors Committee. Juniors, watch for more information.

Tours of AKC Headquarters have been scheduled through Keith L. Frazier of AKC. To accommodate as many individuals as possible, two tours have been scheduled for Wednesday, July 20th.

The first tour will be from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. This includes travel time to and from AKC. The second tour will be from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. Again, travel time included.

To reserved space for either time slot, you can contact Jane Ruthford at jruthford@comcast.net. The tours have also been added to our Online Registration. (For those who have already registered for National, you can go back and edit your registration.)

Many Thanks to Jane and the AKC for making our National Specialty even more Special.