Friday, November 5, 2010

VIP Seating Offered

VIP Seating will be offered for the 2011 National Specialty. What's that? If you purchase a VIP Seat, you will not only sit in a special reserved section, but your seat will be a Picnic Time chair embroidered with the National Logo! And, you can take your VIP Seat home. You can either travel home with the chair, or special arrangements will be made to ship your chair home. What a deal! So, what does a deal like this cost? A mere $150.00! A limited number of VIP Seats will be offered, so reserve your's early. To reserve your spot in VIP Seating contact the Assigned Seating Chair, Kathy King, at You will be able to pay for your seat when you register for the National. (The OnLine Registration will be available within the next few weeks.)

We will also be offering our "Standard" Assigned Seating ... $25.00 for the three days of conformation showing.

(So as to give "credit where credit is due", Thank You, Connie Banitt, for the VIP Seating suggestion.)


  1. Tom, great idea!!! What if you want a chair shipped to your home since you live across the USA, do we get a plain chair to sit in during the Nationals? Or, do we sit in the chair, then have it shipped home? If shipped to our home, who will be handling that process since I won't want to be bothered getting to a UPS, etc. and package it up.

  2. Claudie,

    You will have the option to have the chair shipped. We will have the shipping boxes at the National, and will be able to tell you how much it will cost to ship. Labeling and shipping will be done by Kathy King ... all you have to do is prepay and wait by your front door until UPS delivers.